Beyond Conventional

Focusing on a great experience, beautifully done, and smart under the hood. We love our job!


Our team works internationally and remotely. Our head office is situated in Goa, India while retaining strong ties to Sweden. We are a fun and adventurous group who like new challenges.


We like to retain long-lasting relationships with a selected group of clients, where we can grow together to reach new goals. Aiming for the highest quality work, while preparing for the future.

Selected clients our team has worked with


Design & Illustration

Our design team has over 10 years of professional knowledge and has worked for and with leading companies in the US, Sweden, India and other parts of the world. We work with some of the most influential companies today who like to set the trends for others to follow.


Our team specializes in WordPress as a platform for your company to grow. We are active in the development of the WordPress platform an manage events and lectures on the topic. We optimize Wordpress and tailor-make it to fit your needs while keeping the platform safe for your company to grow with.

Websites & Apps

Rest assured, we follow you all the way from start to finish and will make sure you know what we are doing. Our team has delivered everything from large portals to high fashion brand websites. We know where things can go wrong and how to solve it, for optimal scaling.


We have worked with some of the largest e-commerce websites in Scandinavia, and know how to integrate the best solution for your products, together with the best payment solution tailor-made for your consumers. We know everything from taking the best product photos to creating campaigns.

The Grand Team

Hampus Olsson


Siddharth Ashok


Wazid Shah

Web Developer

Krishna Biradar

Senior Full Stack Developer

Prashant Kumar

Quality Analyst

Abhishek Prabhu

Senior Developer

Silverio Souza

Content Manager

We are hiring!

We’re looking for exceptional talent

Do you want to take responsibility for grand projects and manage your own time for best productivity and best result? Are you bored of the nine-to-five lifestyle?

If you are a Project Manager, Developer or Designer who have at least 5+ years of experience in your field, and feel that you want to work on new exciting projects, feel free to apply now.