Prateek Sharma • September 8, 2022

At Grandworks we have started a weekly Friday session called Friyayy Evening where anyone can share thoughts and present their knowledge in front of the other team members so everyone can make the most of it. So this week I, Prateek took a session on Color Theory where I explained about colors and their use, like for example, how can we choose colors for our projects? How we can make a good color pallet? So here I am just briefing some key points of the session.

Work from home: The new normal for corporates

GrandWorks • April 6, 2020

With the world battling against the current global pandemic, the number of people working from home increase by the day. The world is rapidly changing the way people work, and people who are used to visiting their office each day are now trying out working from home.

Google DevFest Hackathon in Goa

GrandWorks • September 27, 2019

GoaHacks 1.0, a 24-hour hackathon in collaboration with Google DevFest kicked off at 11 am this morning at 91 Springboard in Panjim. GrandWorks are proud to be a sponsor for the event.

Grand 2018!

GrandWorks • April 27, 2019

This year has been a crazy year, full of adventures, challenges, and fun projects to finish! We started out as two people working from a co-working space to a team of five working out of our own Portuguese villa with a small garden. We couldn’t be happier, this year was definitely a grand first year for GrandWorks!

The grand journey

GrandWorks • February 2, 2018

We’d like to start off by welcoming you to GrandWorks. This first journal will bring up the subject of our lives before GrandWorks, and why we chose to follow this path.