Oxygen OS

We all love stock Android! OnePlus know’s this and wanted to maintain the user experience that they are known for, yet, they wanted to give their passionate fanbase something that added value. Step in OxygenOS!






Hampus Olsson



A unified illustration language

Creating the OnePlus Style

Our lead designer and co-founder Hampus Olsson was given the task to conceptualise and design custom illustrations for OxygenOS. From UX elements to the monk-like calmness or panic-inducing Zen Mode, Hampus illustrated key elements and developed a custom style from the ground up for all their current and upcoming illustrations, working closely with OnePlus to set the benchmark for the future. We are delighted to have been given the opportunity to have a part in the OS at this level.

Digital Wellbeing

Zen Mode

Since release, the Zen Mode app is being used by millions of people around the world and manages to give people a break from their daily smartphone use. OnePlus approached us to create the illustrations for the app, so we did everything from conceptualizing and ideation to a final design.

One device, for everything

Work-Life Balance

With OxygenOS, there's no need to carry around two phones. Simply set up a "Work mode" and "Life mode" to keep your professional life separate from your personal life. We created the illustrations for the onboarding process.

All your games in one place

Game Space

In the mood for some gaming? With the Game Space app, you can easily find all your games in one place, without the need to scroll through all your apps. We created all the fun onboarding illustrations Game Space.